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Holiday Design

I am still accepting custom Holiday Card and Holiday Party Invitation orders! Get your requests in before it’s too late. Reach out via the contact form on my page. I cannot wait to hear from you and help you create a unique holiday card design. Merry Christmas to you. [ Cheers ]

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Merry Christmas!

This year is a very exciting year for us. Our holiday card announced that we’re expecting! YAY! You may have noticed I haven’t been doing color posts consistently for quite a while now. I don’t even have a great excuse for it because I have been feeling great (thankfully!) but while I am baking a […]

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black cherry | dusty purple | biscotti [ color inspiration ]

Summer in Minnesota means wide varieties of fruit actually in season. Some are available in winter but they’re just not as good. This week I was inspired by a cherry. Summer fruits may be almost here [ I say that loosely ] but this palette makes me think of fall. I hope you see the […]

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sunset | coral | teal [ color inspiration ]

Not only is coral hugely popular right now, but at times it almost looks a bit peachy. Why not pair the two together and add a rich color to compliment them and you have a pretty stellar palette. I probably say this every week, but I’m pretty excited about this palette. [ Enjoy ] Sources: […]

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rose | key lime | champagne [ color inspiration ]

There is something soothing about a soft color palette. It calms the soul. This time of year so does the sun and palm trees. Since I can’t get the palm trees right now, I’ll take any sun I can get. In the mean time, I’ll work with looking at lovely photography and making beautiful palettes. […]

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