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cobalt | classic red | amethyst [ color inspiration ]

The last few weeks I have been posting inspiration boards that are full of soft elegant colors. This week I was inspired by the image on the right and felt it was about time to have another post with rich bold colors. So this week I have a bold palette full of cobalt blue, classic red and amethyst purple. [ Enjoy ]

Cobalt | Red | Amethyst [ Color Inspiration ] via Megan Wendt Photo + Design


Tulips from Madigan Made | Flower Arrangements from Selina Lake | Living Room from Decor Pad


Knudson Family [ portraits + maternity ]

Meet the Knudson Family. Angie and I went to high school together and I am so glad she introduced me to her growing family. Carl and Angie just light up when they’re around their 18-month-old son, Silas. How can they not, he’s such a little charmer. Incredible blue eyes, adorable red hair and the biggest smile. He naturally lights up a room. While he captures your attention, I am certain the baby arriving soon will too.

We did their session in their home because well, it was still freezing cold here, which meant outside wasn’t much of an option. And of course because it’s them. Silas is comfortable there and so are they. Without any further explanation needed… [ Enjoy! ]

St. Paul Family Photographer
St. Paul Maternity Photographer
St. Paul Portrait Photographer

The many, many expressions of Silas.

St. Paul Portrait Photographer

We had some very important business to figure out. Thank you Wikipedia.

St. Paul Portrait Photographer
St. Paul Maternity Photographer
St. Paul Maternity Photographer
St. Paul Portrait Photographer
St. Paul Family Photographer
St. Paul Family Photographer
St. Paul Family Photographer

Laura - I love them reading on the couch! Totally one of those moments they’ll cherish as a family of three/almost four. 🙂

Kate Borgelt - Oh My! That collage of Silas.. is so awesome. Just gives you such a look into his little personality! So so great !what a great time in their life before they become a family of four! So great!

Nichole - Woah that little guy has oodles of personality! He will be a fun big brother. What joyful photos! They will love them forever!

Kellie Penn - So sweet! I love the collage of his expressions! 🙂 Also, the cuddling on the couch is adorable!!!

Jennifer Crowe - Lovely session! Silas is such a cutie!!

Tsone - What a handsome fella! He’s going to be an awesome big bro! What a gorgeous family 🙂

Destinee - What a sweet little family! I love all of the expressions you captured of Silas! That one of him on the bike/rolling toy in the collage is priceless! Mischievous!

Maggie Medema - Super cute! Love all of those different expressions – so amazing to have them captured forever! Good work!

Nicki - I just love that last photo! This is such an adorable family! Silas looks like he’s going to make a great big brother!

Karen - Love this sweet little family! The one on the couch with the light spilling over them is my fave! That little guy is too precious with the phone! His eyes are magic! Well done!

Chrissy - Love that last image!! What a darling family!!

Monica P - Ang, these are amazing. Well done, Megan!


Peacock | Raspberry | Gold [ color inspiration ]

This weeks palette of Peacock, Raspberry and Gold is ranking pretty high on my love list! I guess it isn’t much of a surprise since Peacock and Raspberry were basically two colors from my wedding, but still. This trio with Gold is beautiful. Not to mention, Gold is huge this year. I hope you enjoy this palette. [ Enjoy! ]

Peacock Raspberry Gold Wedding Colors


Votive Holders & Bridesmaid: From Lane Dittoe Fine Wedding Photographs via Style Me Pretty

Raspberries: From Simply Bloom via Ruffled


anderson family [ portraits ]

Meet the Anderson Family. This is my good friend Deanna’s maternal aunt and her family. A snippet pulled from Carrie Jo’s CaringBridge Page: Carrie Jo was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, and cancer in her bones on June 7, 2012.  Her journey is now 16 months long. After a few close calls from death last winter, she is doing well in spite of the many effects of the cancer and resulting paraplegia. [ Time out. Can I just say cancer is a terrible terrible thing. Not like you didn’t know. Okay, time in. ] Last week Carrie Jo contacted me about doing a family shoot for keepsakes for her family. Without a doubt, I said yes. These photos are a sneak peek from their session.  [ Enjoy ]

This is Kelvin, Steve, Carrie Jo & Vincent. The Andersons.




Carrie Jo and her siblings.


Kate Borgelt - I am so glad you got these images. So wonderful! So important! So loved! Perfect!

Stephanie - Priceless and perfect. What a special gift for her family!

Melissa - What an absolute treasure! I WISH we’d done pictures like this when my dad was sick. Great job, Megan!

Shannon - So beautiful! What an absolute gift these photos are. Beautiful family.

Destinee - What a gift you’ve given to this family, Megan! Nice job!

kim - they will treasure these images! wonderful job Megan!

Sarah Kristiansen - Beautiful images…and I agree with Melissa–what a treasure! So love all of the green, too! 🙂 I can only imagine how grateful the family is to have such a gift! Beautiful!

Chrissy - Love these, Megan! They will treasure these images!!

Megan D - This is such a wonderful gift. What great memories! Beautiful family!! Great job!

Jacqie - These are amazing. What wonderful photos to have and to pass down. 🙂

Rachel - How special and important these images will be for them! Great job capturing them!

Nicki - What great images! What a beautiful gift you have given to this family.

Lakyn - Megan, these are beautiful!! Carrie is the aunt to one of my best friends and this warms my heart. Carrie has been through so much and one would never guess! She is a beautiful woman who loves her family dearly!!! Great job capturing these precious moments!